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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Box left the desert!

 Your humble swap hostess was MIA for a few days there. My apologies, swappers!

The box is moving right along without me! Here's Jodies' story of the T2T swap box!

OK...I got the box on [July] 22nd...and sent it out this morning to Janie in AL.

The box is getting rather full. :)  I sent off the bead rollers separately, as they were taking up too much space!!! (This leaves more room for stuff!!!)

Here's the scoop on the attached pix:


  • The Box...self explanatory!




T2T_4of4 (1)

  • T2T_Xof4...took me 4 pic to get it all in!


  • gifties...things getting passed on to others in the Swap!


  • Jodie_Out...what I took!


  • Jodie_In...what I added!

Hope you all enjoy the goodies as much I as enjoyed looking at them all!

One thing...please make sure you put your name or a card in with the items you've added!  Some of the earrings and beads started to get separated from their cards...and there was no way of knowing who made what!!!

Janie? You're up!


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