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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - NOT!

Wordle: Wordless Wednesday - NOT!

Yep, it's another Wordless Wednesday - NOT!

I have really turned a corner on my healing. I'm beginning to feel human again! I actually put up the bed portion of the fold away couch yesterday and vacuumed the media room - where I've spent the majority of the last couple weeks. So we actually have a regular room again and not a mix of living/bed/hospital room! Yay! Nancy was very glad to see this when she arrived home last night from work!

I also spent about 45 minutes in my studio yesterday afternoon working on my one on one Spring Equinox Doll swap I joined over at Swap-Bot. I have to get her finished up and in the mail by the 9th. It'll happen. I have 3 swaps going at the moment. Sarajane's mini mask swap, my own Bug Swap and this Doll swap. I finished up my masks weeks ago, my 12 bugs are still awaiting their little legs, and I have to finish up my doll. I plan on heading in to the studio after this post and work on her some more.

This afternoon I go to the surgeon's to get my stitches out. YAY! Itchie, itchie, ouchie, scratchie!!

My new laptop is due to arrive on the 11th, and once I get it up and running I'll be starting a new feature of this blog - Monday Morning Open Studio time on the web cam! I plan on having weekly giveaways with this as well as my Wordless Wednesday feature too. So many fun plans!

Have a good, creative day all!!

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