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Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year, Old Health Issues and New Business Commitments

I'm not big on new years resolutions.


This new year I am committing to make a strong "go" at my little business, Constance Pelkey Designs.

Over the last couple years I have had both my shoulders done. I had TWO torn rotator cuffs. My right arm needed my bicep reattached too! It was bad! It took many, many months of rehab to get them both back in shape... unfortunately that meant I could do very little in the way of creativity. I was however, able to crochet. Now, don't get me wrong, I like crocheting, but that being my only outlet was somewhat limiting!

I'm so glad that I can play with my polymer clay and precious metal clay, and bead, and sew, AND crochet again! YAY!

In the meantime.

I've had a "gut" issue for the last couple months that involved emergency surgery for a bowel blockage early in November, on voting day in fact, and the ensuing severe pain in a knot of scar tissue and nerves along my waist next to my belly button that's the ultimate result of this and a few other abdominal surgeries. Because of severe pain in this area I was hospitalized again for a couple days the week before Christmas. This issue isn't resolved yet. I have an appointment to see the original surgeon who cleared the blockage and I'm awaiting a second opinion appointment with another surgeon, hopefully that will happen next week.

I need to get THIS issue resolved - SOON - because I was scheduled for total knee replacement surgery on January 6th.


That's been postponed until the gut issue is resolved!

*shaking head and rolling eyes*


I've been out of work and in limbo, essentially since the beginning of November.

Best thoughts and wishes will be greatly appreciated during this whole process of resolving the gut issue - SOON - so I can go ahead and deal with the knee issue!

At any rate.

During the time, I continue to be laid up with all this health stuff, my "resolution" is to concentrate on my business. I have an ETSY store and I also recently opened an ARTFIRE storefront as well. I've joined a couple of "teams" on ETSY, I also joined Facebook and still belong to the Polymer Clay Central message boards. I've been taking good pictures of all my inventory (finally!). I plan on continuing to photo edit and will be listing new items on a weekly basis to both stores. I'll be trying some different marketing techniques, too. I'll also be creating new items and I hope to join my sister in law in attending one or two larger crafty type selling venues this summer and joining a couple Maine based craft and art associations.

Keep your eyes pealed here at this blog to be updated and PLEASE, pass on my URL to ANYONE who might be interested in my "stuff"!

Happy New Year to all and best of luck to me in sales this new year of 2009!!

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