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Friday, January 23, 2009

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These are a few of the tiles I've been making for the counter tops in the downstairs bathroom. They've been stamped and carved, then colored with Pinata Inks, cured and lightly sanded. I plan on covering them with liquid clay and curing them again. I'll also be pouring a layer of acrylic resin over the tops before installing them on the counters. The whole bathroom project has been a long one. I'll be sure and post the completed pics of the bath.. whenever we get it complete! LOL!!

This is the signature cane I made last week. CPD - Constance Pelkey Designs. I made a LOT of it and some of it reduced wonderfully, other parts, not so much. (shrug) It's all very usable in one way or another, though! I plan on putting a small slice of it on the backs of my works.

This top picture is of all the reduced sizes and the bottom is of the unpacked version.

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Thanks!! Connie


coltpixy said...

I love the color and design of your tiles! Please remember to take a photo of the finished bathroom. It is going to be beautiful!

Dave Robertson said...

Hi Connie, I've never seen a cane of writing/letters. How the heck did you do it?! :)

at Rings & Things
(rings_things on Twitter)

Connie (The Purple Princess) said...

Thanks so much you two!! The bathroom project has been ongoing for months now! Thanks for the good comments and I will post pics of the finished tiles, eventually! LOL!!

Dave, think of canes like slice and bake cookies. You have to visualize the design in 3-d and then build it up.

Dave Robertson said...

I can visualize world peace but this may be beyond my skill level :) Very nice work!