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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The greatest wealth is health. ~Virgil

Today, I saw the Dr. who ordered the barium upper and lower GI thingy last week, he says I have the innards of a twenty year old!!! Everything is running smoothly throughout my altered anatomy!! YAY!! There is no sign of any harmful bacteria in my stool, and I feel good!

It is time for my upper and lower probing though and before he gives me a 100% clean bill. He wants to get the results concerning my Barret's esophagus and it's time again for a colonoscopy. My Dad was a 17 year colon cancer survivor and his brother died of colon cancer. HUGE risk factors for me and my half brothers, so this will be my 3rd colonoscopy and I'm only 47 years old. Early detection equals prevention!

So, I've got the go ahead to pursue, once again the knee replacement! Yippee!!

Meanwhile, my partner Nancy is having a procedure on Tuesday morning and we are asking that all your good wishes, prayers and healing thoughts are with us.


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