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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Trudging along.....

Kind of a neat picture of a guy trudging along on wet sand in this "flickr find" I found -

Mom has been sick and not getting better for a few weeks now. We went to a "quick care" place a week ago, she had all sorts of tests and internal pictures done with no releif from the scripts he gave! *sigh* Then, Tuesday we went to her regular doctor, except he was on vacation, so we saw a PAC and Dr. who was on call... had more tests done and another ex ray done! Yesterday I was expecting some news from this doc on call and found that NOTHING was conclusive about her diagnoses! OY! So we now have another appointment on Tuesday afternoon to see her regular doctor who knows her! *SIGH* She is, among other things, having trouble breathing. Could it possibly have anything to do with decades of smoking!!?? Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I wonder...

Nancy and I've been working so hard to get the bathroom done so we can move her down here! It seems as if we are the guy in that picture trudging through wet sand! Akk! It just seems to be the project that is taking FOREVER to finish!!! AKK!!! All I want to do is get her, her bed, her recliner and her TV down here so I can take car of of her!! I'm worried sick about her being alone when she isn't feeling well!

So, Monday I was off and I worked on the fauxing of the bathroom walls again. I got a good chunk of it finished. This morning I worked in there for a bit too. Here's a pic of the unpainted interior door with some of my faux work.

I have been scheduled for over 30 hours this week and will get probably get close to that many next week too! Covering other folks vacations. Good for my wallet, bad for my time to work on the bathroom!

I REALLY like the richness of the look on the walls!! I plan on waxing and buffing the walls as a final step in my process. Nancy is having a difficult time picturing what the final room will look like.

I've decided that the woodwork and trim is going to be yellow.... so I played with the last picture in my photo editing program to give her and all you blog readers an idea of what the cabinet and trim will look like in yellow.

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Nancy said...

YIKES! That IS yellow! hmm...