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Monday, July 28, 2008

Of Babies and Blooms!!

We had babies at work the other day! I took pics of them w/ the camera on my phone.

This first one is of eight tiny baby mice! That wriggly pile of lil' pinkies is actually baby mice! Can you believe it!!??

Not very cute yet!!

I'll post pics of them again as they change and grow almost daily!

This next shot is of Mom and babies! She is doing very well as a Mom! She is protective but not mean. We can switch out her food dish and water bottle with no squabbles or thoughts of "baby snacking upon" as often does happen when we interfere with nature!

PetsMart is very concerned over the health and welfare of all animals. That's why they designate each store as a specific gender store. Our store is a "female" store and we only carry female small pets. This is to "ensure" that overpopulation is kept to a minimum.


Good idea!

Yeah, right!!! In theory anyway!

We have a day lily (tiger lily) in the back yard and it's been blooming this past week. Almost every day there is a new bloom to marvel over, each one's color is slightly different from the day befores' bloom, depending upon how much sun there was that day! This was Saturday's bloom.

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