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Monday, July 28, 2008

A day off!!

I'm actually taking a day off for me!! A mental health day, if you will. Really though, it's a physical health day, I'm not kidding! I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and itchy eyes!
Today, I'm feeling like shit! I had planned on working in the bathroom again today, but the fact that the neighbor - sweetheart of a guy - is over and working on finishing up the plumbing. No way can I be in there working too!! I'd asked Nancy a couple of weeks ago to ask him if he'd give her a pointer or two on finishing up the shower surround, and next thing we knew, he was taking the plumbing apart and putting in new! Yeeeah Haaaaaw!!! I doubted she would be able to figure it out on her own! LOL!

I simply adore this woman though! No one can hold a candle up to her! She isn't all that handy - is all... she is willing and able and learning stuff all around here though, and that is a good thing for all of us! Curt helping is a good thing! She is learning so much just by hanging out with him! After they are done, the bathroom will be good to go! No more mold and no more plastic duct-taped over the hole in the wall!

So anyway, it's a "no go" for me to be painting in there today, while he is soldering copper! No way! It's way too freaking small in there!

Now, I could have gone up to see what Mom is up to.......

but she has a doctor's appointment tomorrow at 3:30. I plan on leaving right after I get done work tomorrow to go up to her place. I'm anxious about this appointment tomorrow and I know she is too!

........ I didn't go up though today, I chose to stay home and lay on the freaking couch - all - day - long, and do abso-freakin'-nothing!!


except rest and bead!!


These are two faux turquoise cabochons I made months ago!

I recently started beading a seed bead flower-like bezel around these two large ones. I also have a bunch of smaller cabs that will, along with these finished two, be incorporated in to a much larger, elaborate collar.

I haven't been able to bead or clay for months and months now due to my TWO shoulders enduring torn rotator cuffs! BOTH where bad, bad tears! I had to wear the large pillow sling for a total of at least six weeks! On BOTH sides! Not to mention that my bicep on my right arm was hanging on by a thread!! Last summer/ fall I was so lame for so long! It was easily Christmas time before I was able to lift my right arm over my head, pain free! My surgery was July 18th last year. This years surgery on my left arm was April 23rd. Today is July 28th, 10 weeks after surgery - I can pinwheel my arm and shoulder, pain free! Yes, PAIN FREE!!! It's amazing how much quicker my left arm is healing compared to the mess of my right, last summer!


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