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Monday, June 02, 2008

Creativity and time

So, I've been thinking a lot lately about creativity. I haven't been able to work in my studio for any length of time in the last few weeks. I miss it. When I'm doing other things, like caulking, taping, painting, cleaning brushes, vacuuming up paint chips etc... I daydream about working in the studio. I have a couple ideas running around in my head, like polymer clay critter faces in sea shells, (I have a big box full of shells, have had 'em for years now and suddenly they are calling my name) wooden box purses, lined with fleece and flannel, and sewing up a new pair of lounge pants using a comfy pair I already own and really love as a pattern. Beading projects are roaming around in my head, I have a pile of necklaces that either need repair or finishing. I have some faux turquoise cabochons fauxquoise that need some kind of bezels, I'd like for one of them to be a PMC one and another to have silver seed beads peyote'd around it, and perhaps that becoming the focal of a free form piece??


Even after we get the rooms up stairs painted, we are then moving down into the bathroom to finish it, and then back upstairs to the new living room, then back down here in the downstairs double living room. After that I'll start moving my studio upstairs. THEN I'll be packing up Mom in preparation for her to move down here.

I'm not anticipating being able to get back to my studio until - maybe the fall?? *pout*

That doesn't mean I won't be making and working on things, it's just that my studio will be upside down for a while and I'll work out of boxes. *sigh* I *thought* I finally had a permanently dedicated studio space in this house. Nope. I'll have come full circle after this next move. My stuff will have been in 4 different places, one will be the second time around.

*dream* A dedicated studio space in our new place in the southwest. *heaven*

So, I'm wondering how in the heck do you all find time to be creative on stuff just for you??

In the meantime, I've been shopping for new bedding. I found this 12 piece Bed in a Bag on line at We really like it and think it will go well in our new room!




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