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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Motorcycle ride - not for slow dial up connections!

Isn't the price of gas Crazy!!!????


Until my shoulder heals up some more I am relegated to the "b*tch seat" on Nancy's bike - Bella, an 1100 Yamaha V-Star.


I am wearing my new Skid-Lid, half helmet with a loverly purple rose on each side! Aren't you jealous!? You should be!! HA!

Here's a couple of little videos I shot while riding along RT. 196 from Topsham to Lisbon Falls. That's our freind "D" riding lead.

Link to first video.

Link to second video.

And a google map -

View Larger Map

Moxie only costs .99 at this little corner store in Lisbon Falls! *G*

We had a WONDERFUL ride!! It was warm, sunny, and there were luscious flower scents all along the way! We a GREAT ride!


olrebbie@yahoolcom said...

wow! i am mega-jealous. first, of that artistic gorgeous brain bucket, and second of the beautiful ride through the country. lucky you, bitch seat or no! glad to see you two out and about enjoying life!

(hugssssss) needd more coffee--that first came out "gugggggs"


Connie (The Purple Princess) said...

Ha! You oughta' be jealous of my new lid!!! *BG*

It's a great state in the summer... winter is the pits though!