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Monday, June 09, 2008

Frustrating on many levels

I planned on working in the new bedroom until I got the drapes hung, the rug laid and the headboard put together.

this morning Nancy realized that she'd misplaced her wallet! After scouring the house, I jumped in the Jeep and retraced our ride yesterday looking for her wallet on the side of the road and at the places we stopped for a rest.

No luck!


I only got the rug laid and half the headboard put together.


Instead of a picture of what I DIDN'T get done, here's a couple shots of the neighbors' beautiful Rhodie!




Alexandra said...

Nice to have stumbled across your blog. Great pictures!

Sh@ney said...

I have done that twice in my lifetime & it is one of the most agonising things to happen. Mostly for the cost & time of replacing everything that was in the wallet not just the money.

Hope it turns up!

P.s Love the new design of your blog. it is too groovy honey! *winks*