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Friday, May 02, 2008

Sure sign of spring - IN MAINE!!!!


Spring is here!! It was just a couple of weeks ago that we were having the ice out of Mt P guessing contest and here is the first small lilac bud on our wee tree!!


Lilacs are my favorite flower! I love the smell of them!! *sigh* A co worker of Nancy's gave her a couple twigs from her bush about 3 years ago. Last year we had two very small flower clusters that came late in the season and this year we already have at least 4 flower cluster buds!!

On our first outing, Nancy cut me a bouquet of lilacs!! *swoon*

Now if the weather will just warm up a wee bit so I can sit out on the deck and convalesce my shoulder some!


~ Life's too short to use cheap beads! ~


Nicole Solo said...

I love lilacs too, with allergy medicine in hand! :)

Connie (The Purple Princess) said...

Ha!! I'm VERY lucky to not have any allergies! *Achoo!!*