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Monday, April 28, 2008

Surgery, pain and healing

I had my shoulder surgery last Wednesday. Things went well, no real surprises this time around. I had a large rotator cuff tear and a LOT of arthritis. He went in and repaired the tear and scraped out the arthritis. LOTS of pain upon awakening in recovery. Apparently they've had a lot of trouble with the pain pumps leaking and not working correctly, so they aren't using them any more!!! The nurses were telling Nancy that they've had a TON of trouble with folks coming out of surgery in huge amounts of agonizing pain. After pumping me full of narcotics that did very little to relieve me, the anesthesiologist gave me a pain blocker in my neck artery. Knocked me out for hours! We finally got home around 5PM, we arrived at the hospital at 9AM. It was a long day!!

Sweetie was a champ though it all!! I am a total bitch when I have unresolved pain. I can hear the little sane censure voice in the back of my head telling me to keep my mouth shut and be nice, but the drugs sap my patience and make me say the the most mean things to sweetie and the poor nurses who are all doing their absolute best to take care of me. All the while, my mouth is running on and on, spewing sarcastic comments and malevolent statements aimed at whomever happens to be within earshot. Immediately upon saying them, I'm apologizing for them!


Because of all the drugs I had on board, they were very concerned about me sleeping and told sweetie to pay attention to my breathing that night. We all slept downstairs on the couches, and I was awake practically every hour on the hour!! Sweetie got very little sleep, I was in agony and poor Dilly had no clue what was going on except she knew I was not right and she sat and stared at me most of the night.

Bone surgery is the most painful kind of surgery there is! Ow!

More later... typing one handed sucks.....


Kathi said...

hugs my friend. And you have my total sympathy on the pain factor! I am glad you are healing enough to make a post. Listen to the doc, and keep telling your hunny you love her :)

Connie (The Purple Princess) said...

Still quite painful today... I told her many times! *G*