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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Complex Cane Swap

I joined Linda Weeks geometric cane swap a few months back and this was the results of my swap bootee! I think they came out rather nice. I have yet to complete them, but they are all sanded and shined up nicely with those lovely 3M polishing papers that Jana Roberts Benzon turned me on to!! I have been polishing these over the last few days, holding one arm still and not using the muscles in that arm was a challenge!! Self to shoulder: heal quickly!!


A couple hidden compartment key chains from Larry over at Boston Clayworks. Some pendant and watch face components from Lisa over at Covered in Clay. And an empty Altoids tin.


The pendants which will soon have wire wrapped bead dangles added to the loops and then strung, prolly on some leather.


The empty watch face component. I didn't think I cared for this cane, until I put it together and placed it over a dome of clay pressed into the face opening. There's a rather large crack that I have to figure out how to repair... any thoughts?? I hope I can effect a good repair because I really like this and can easily see it strung on multiple strands of seed beads - perhaps in blues??


I like the two key chains also; the retro one is my favorite.


The lower right cab will be wire wrapped (there's two channels running through the silver bezel frame) onto silver wire with complimenting seed beads and then strung on silver chain with more seed bead wrapped components - prolly choker length.

The three silver triangle bezels will prolly be strung simply on some colored leather cording.


~ Life's too short to use cheap beads! ~

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