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Monday, October 15, 2007

Fine Silvery Goodness

These are my first attempts at PMC. (precious metal clay) The first is a small box I made on the Polymer Paradise Cruise we went on to the Mexican Riviera last winter. Actually, this is Art Clay Silver.

These next ones are the pieces I made a few weeks ago at the weekend workshop I attended at the ME College of Art in Portland.

The first necklace is made with geranium leaves and a BEAUTIFUL sculpted Floral Bead made by ruBarb, Barbara Fajardo. The second is a hollow form focal I made using a variety of sea shells. The last is made by covering a seed pod with PMC slip. The earrings are made the same way by slipping a shredded wheat cereal piece. I also made the ear wires by chasing and bending.

Have a said how much I love working with PMC lately??


Kathi said...

looks like you are taking to PMC like a fish to water!! Love the shredded wheat earrings!

The Purple Blogging Princess said...

Yeah! I love working with it!!