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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Loverly Studio!

Click pics for a bigger look.

This my sewing station -

This is the finishing station, oven, kiln, buffer, tumbler and sanders.

This is the wire working and chasing station.

These are my helpers.

Beading and stringing station.

This is the Poly Clay station.

A look at the whole main work space.

Another look.

Storage for fibers, fabric, clay, magazines, books, shells, postal scale and leather scraps for cabochon backing.

I LOVE my studio!!


Kathi said...

sweeeeeeeeet! I even recognize a messenger bag in there :D I have been thinking about using a sho0e storage for clay....looks like it works well!

The Purple Blogging Princess said...

Thanks Kathi! It does work well! I need MORE clay though! *G*

Amanda said...

Awesome studio! I love the wallpaper you have in there, its just gorgeous! I would love to have as many stations as you have! LOL

Anonymous said...

Thanks Amanda! Do I know you from another web site??