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Saturday, October 13, 2007

A New Era

I'm so excited for myself!

After many months of trial and error I seem to be headed in the right direction, FINALLY!!

I've been waiting on approval from my shoulder surgeon to release me for work again. My shoulder is doing so much better! It's truly amazing! Given that he had to do sooo much to fix my shoulder, my PT guy was so pleased with how well I'm doing yesterday he graduated me from PT! *G* I am able to lift my arm way above my head with a 2 lb weight with little to no pain! Remember, doc had to remove a 2" bone spur, remove some of my collar bone, clean out the rotator cuff and reattach part of my bicep! Yow!

So... we have a new shopping mall (Augusta Crossing) opening up in Augusta and one of the new stores is PetSmart. I applied a couple weeks ago and after a whirlwind flurry of interviews and a drug test this past week I found yesterday that I got the job!! Part time pet care specialist. The store opens Thanksgiving day weekend and we start work on October 31st. We have one month to set the store up. Years ago I helped open Rich's Department store (long since closed) down in Falmouth and I worked there for years. I really enjoyed retail so I'm very pleased to have gotten this job.

So... between my new and improved creativity design business and my pet care job I'll be quite busy! *G*

Yay me!

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