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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Jewelry Show - day 2

We lazed about the hotel room this morning and got to the show around 11AM.

There was a pearl knot tying workshop I attended and Theresa went shopping at the Providence Mall, right next to the convention center. I made a bracelet with gold pearls and learned to tie the knots with a knot tying tool I'd never used before. It was so much fun! I ordered a knot tying tool from!

I purchased some very fine wire to crochet with from Para Wire and some gorgeous dichroic cabs and some beautiful leather cording! I'm very excited to get to work in my new studiO!

Went for late lunch at a wonderful sushi place and got on the highway home about 3PM. We made a few pit stops and I got home around 9. Long two days, but worth it!

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