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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The box is going on VACATION!!!

It's headed from Missouri to Hawaii!!

I'm so jealous!! LOL

Here's what Marykay had to say about her time with the box! !

All I put in was a book called Spirit Clay, I think, some tools and a bag of pendants and such.  Right now I just feel totally wilted. We have only had 1/4 inch rain in the last month and usually have around 6 inches. Our grass crunches when we walk across it and we are watering our gardens morning and night just to keep them alive until it rains.  And the heat index of near 100 for the last several weeks has gotten really, really old!  (we did get a break for a couple of days!!)  I'll bribe Moe to take pics for both of us!

MaryKay Ozarks

Hopefully, (batting eyes) Moe will take lots of pics as poor Marykay's head is addled from all the heat! Whew! Have a glass of sweet tea for me Marykay! Hope it rains on your gardens soon!

Next up? Moe in Hawaii!!


click for a bigger pic!

1 comment:

Jackie said...

Yay it's on the way to Hawaii, where the cool trade winds will soothe it's nerves. Then it will be coming to Nevada, where it never gets warm (at least where I am) in preparation for it's "warm" trip to Arizona!!

I'm looking forward to it! Hope Mary Kay sent an extra bottle of wine to Moe! Go ahead, Moe, drink up!! And put some fun goodies in that box, girl!!

Hugs everyone! This is fun!