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Saturday, July 10, 2010

The box - livin' the good life in Hawaii!

copied from Moe's blog, over here -

"So, we had a fun swap with all the great people from Polymer Clay Central.  Connie, The Purple Princess was our hostess and today I got the box!  Heee.  Lots of goodies and prezzies and fun stuff!  So, pix!  I opened the box.

Ipo has to check it out

Goodies galore!

Hmm, this is the end of the box?

more goodies

and more!

and more....

lotta stuff in this box!

What I took out to keep

box is packed up and almost ready to go but wait!!! what happened to the stuff I have to put in!  OIKS!

here it is

now it's ready to go but... is it???

opened my present!  Is I a lucky girl, or what?  :)

Ipo wanted to check out the cupboard and my purse.  :D

And so, the box isn't full so I will toddle off to my studio and find even more goodies to put in.  Howz dat, clay pals?  ;D

Thanks so much for sharing the box's journey to the beautiful Hawaiian Isle!! *wink* - the purple princess!


Here's the map thus far! Fun, huh?

Next up?

Jackie in Nevada!


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