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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Second leg of swap!

This morning I received an email from Gillian in Waco, TX, and she said this:

" The box is packed and ready to drop off in the morning.

Here are pictures of "what I took"

I took the maple leaf hole punch (yay!), 2 sets of glass beads, a pouch of blue seed beads, a gorgeous fish pendant, some lovely dichroic drops, and 3 pendants (2 floral, one abstract). Not shown, I took two glass plates that will make lovely candy dishes for my mother-in-law's Christmas gift.

and "what I added".

I added 4 canes, 1 package of assorted clear stamps, a tube of gold glass beads, some swirly bronzy tube beads of polymer clay, some glass "duck" beads, polymer clay roses and rose leaves I made years ago, some bargello type pendant pieces, some wire spirals, and a set of copper bead caps (10, I think). Not shown are 1 large round mirror (6", I think) and a package of smaller rectangular mirrors.


Gillian "

Such fun!

Thanks so much for sharing that with us Gillian! I'm so glad you are happy with the maple leaf hole punch! Why so happy? May I ask? Are you, perhaps originally from Canada?

If you didn't remember the box on your way out the door this morning, I'm sure all the gals in the swap won't be too upset with you! LOL 

So.. the box is on it's second leg of it's journey! From Waco to Friendswood TX!

Your updated map!!


Knightwork Studio said...

Thanks for sharing the photos Connie. I love seeing what folks keep and what they add..... and I think the map is such a cool idea. BJ

Gillian said...

It did go to work and out the door today! So it is on its way to Friendswood.

I love leaves and nature in general, and lived in Vt. for several years, so that's why the maple leaf made me happy. I want to do some mosaic tiles and have ideas for the punch in that area...

Jackie said...

Fun!!! Exciting!!! I wanted that Maple Leaf punch, darn it anyway. LOL! Not really.

Is the box super full? I wanted to add things for people but it probably won't be possible.