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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dilly dawg

We had to put Dilly down a couple of months ago.... there's been a HUGE hole in the house ever since.


She'd been feeling poorly ever since last winter when she got those awful hook worms. She lost a TON of weight and her skin allergies got so bad. She was just so uncomfortable. We tried everything to relieve her discomfort and nothing worked. There were other things going with her too, she was just not not her lovable self....

After some agonizing discussions with each other, the Vet and some friends, we decided it was time.

VERY hard thing to do.

Wait for us by the bridge Dilly-do... we'll see you again.


Kathi said...

Oh heart goes out to you two. She will be waiting at the bridge....most likely with Idgie woodging on her. Hugs to you both

Connie (The Purple Princess) said...

Thanks Kathi,

We miss her every day... sometimes at work a dog will look up into my eyes and those puppy eyes suddenly "turn into" Dilly's and I almost loose it. *gulp*

Kathi said...

yeah...we understand the missing daily thing. Our house is so quite now without the Miss Idgie conversations.