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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Polymer Clay Creativity Workshops!

Polymer Clay Creativity Workshops!

Taught by Connie of “Constance Pelkey Designs”

Workshop dates:

September 13 & 14 ~ or ~ October 11 & 12

Polymer Clay offers a rich and varied playground for artists of all ages and skills. It is a medium that appears almost eager to please, allowing its use in a surprisingly wide range of styles and rendering techniques.

It can be made into flat collage illustrations and surface decorations of all sorts. It's also great for sculpting figures, creating decorative household items or beads and personal adornment.

These workshops take the students from the beginning basics of working with Polymer Clay to an intensive look at the wide variety of creative uses and embellishment potentials of polymer clay.

A wide array of techniques will be covered. Included are basics of preparation, color blending and simple "cane work" or millefiore. Then we will move to surface decorating techniques like mokume gane (a technique taken from Japanese metal and wood working) stamping, inclusions, ghost imaging, texturing and faux effects (mimicking bone, wood, turquoise, etc). Storage and baking, safety issues, and finishing options will also be covered.

Each workshop will be given as a two day session (ten total hours) with technique demonstrations by the teacher and plenty of student 'hands on' work time. We will start off with polymer clay basics and work our way to more in-depth detail of the various surface embellishment techniques. Students will ultimately make a variety of bead "samplers" and decorate small storage boxes with mosaic tiles and pieces using the techniques learned in class.

Students will need:

  • a healthy curiosity and willingness to have FUN!

  • a work surface (acrylic plate, ceramic tile or other similar non porous surface)

  • other tools as desired, including, but not necessary; a pasta machine

Many tools and supplies such as clay, foils, powders, inks and stamps, texture plates. and more will be provided for use in class.

There will be two motorized pasta machines available.

  • Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian, sugar free lunches will be provided. Bring your own drinks.

  • Unfortunately my studio is not handicap accessible, as it's located on the second floor of my home. If you can not do stairs, PLEASE let me know and we can arrange a time and price for me to come to you!



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