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Monday, July 14, 2008

Painting the bathroom.

Here's a few shots of my work from today. Tomorrow morning I work until 10 and then it's up to Mom's. She's been feeling poorly, the humidity is really kicking her ass this summer and she's been having bronchial troubles.

I work again Wednesday morning until 10 and then I'll work some more on the walls in here in the afternoon.

The bathroom - looking in the door, after texturing, before painting.

Standing at the toilet, looking out into the dining room.

Cutting in the sky blue ceiling.

More ceiling and some of the unfinished shower surround.

The sky is blue... and still wet.

After cutting in, rolling and then touching up the ceiling - twice! - it's acoustic tiles! - AKK!! - my arms were waaay too tired to do any detail work, so I just rolled out some of the fields on the walls. My shoulder is doing soooooo well, but working over head is VERY tiring, still!!

Looking back out to the dining room.

Close up of the texturing. Before you judge, be certain to wait on the final effect. The color looks like baby poop smeared on the walls at this point! There will be a darker color glaze wiped on and then off for an antiquing faux effect.

Here's the ugly tile surfaces (in the pictures above and below this text) that will be covered with polymer clay tiles of suns and Saguaro cactus and then 2 part epoxy resin will be poured over them to make them water proof.

All the trim work and cabinets will remain the lighter color with no faux-ing on them. I'll also cover the door knobs and drawer pulls in polymer clay to match the colors.

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