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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New wheels!!!

On Saturday after the yard sale was cleaned up "P" came up with her sister to pick up some stuff we'd been storing for her. Nancy was beat and stressed from the busy day she'd had and wanted to get out for a bit. She went over to Lowe's and found nothing she wanted, so she decided to take a trip around the car dealers lot.

She just purchased a truck a couple months ago and she spotted "her" salesman right away and he brought her to an '05 Dodge Stratus. She brought it home for the weekend.

TOTAL surprise to me!!

We/ I knew Jezzy Jeepster would NOT pass the state inspection at the end of this month. I was going to take a trip to the bank this week and see what I could do to find a new vehicle. You see, I was dreading this. My credit isn't good. Being on disability for the last 12 years really did a number on me! Let me tell you, it's nearly impossible to live on a disability check!

I've been on a mission to clear things up lately. Now that I'm working, I've been setting up payment arrangements with some of the creditors. Despite this, I doubted seriously that I'd get a loan on my own...

Like I said, Nancy totally surprised me with this turn of events. She took charge and made it all happen. She co-signed for me!! WOW! I was totally floored!

We did all the paperwork and such and signed on it Tuesday evening.

The weather has been so dreary this week, no pics of the car could be taken yet, so this is a shot of it from the dealers website.

It's a metallic-y gray with gray interior. VERY clean! it's a peach! Best car I have owned in quite some time, if ever! *G*

This little maneuver Nancy did was right up there with the surprise she pulled off last summer when she gave me my diamond engagement ring! *puuuurrrrrrrr!*


Kathi said...

woooo hoooo! Mazel Tov on the car AND the engagement ring! Life is looking WAY good for you gf.

Connie (The Purple Princess) said...

Thanks Kathi!

Yeah, the engagement ring was a total surprise last summer! She sprung that one on me last August when we went to a small (less than 200 folks) venue and saw the Indigo Girls in concert. Included dinner and breakfast at a quaint B&B too!