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Friday, June 20, 2008

Christian Civic League drops its campaign to repeal the state's equal rights law

Christian Civic League drops its campaign to repeal the state's gay-rights law and prevent other safeguards for gays and lesbians, saying in an e-mail to supporters that it lacks money and volunteers to pursue a referendum in November 2009.

Wednesday's decision, which was made public Thursday, came about two months after the league announced that it hoped to collect 55,087 voters' signatures to place its proposal on the ballot, and less than one month after the state issued petitions to the league on May 21.

In addition to repealing the anti-discrimination law, the referendum would have prohibited unmarried couples from adopting children.

It also would have barred the state from recognizing civil unions, prohibited municipal officials from licensing same-sex marriages and eliminated funding for the state's civil-rights teams.

Supporters say the teams fight bullying in Maine schools. The league argues that the teams persuade teenagers to accept homosexuality.

Thursday's e-mail to supporters from Michael Hein, the league's administrator, said the league dropped the drive because it has "neither enough funds nor enough volunteer support to continue the effort."

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