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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Studio space!!!

These are shots of my (EMPTY!!! ) new studio. This is looking east, towards the front of the house. This is the entrance door leading out to the hallway. I'll put a new-to-the-studio bookcase on that portion of the wall behind the door and next to the window. I've run out of places to store my book's and magazines thus, the need for more book case storage! Perhaps there needs to be some weeding of the mags??? Ak!!!

Empty room, yes... but smelling oh-so-clean of freshly shampooed carpet!

These sports hats of Nancy's won't be staying.

I'll probably set up my sewing machine and fabric stash in this area. (That's the door leading to the hallway.)

Yeah... that's Dilly's dog crate, not positive yet where her "room" will end up in the new upstairs layout. Probably in the dressing room??

This is looking west, towards the back of the house. In the first picture I was standing in this doorway, it leads into our new bedroom. I'll put a large shelf cabinet here with the VCR and television on it. It'll be on a swivel stand so we can watch TV from the bed if we so choose. This doorway will be blocked by this cabinet and the TV.

That concludes todays little tour of the new studio - as I set it up!

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