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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Back to work - regular hours!

This week I started back to work with my regular hours.

I had Monday off.

Tuesday was my first day doing opening procedures by myself. I did well. I fed, watered and spot check cleaned all the small animals, birds and reptiles. I dealt with the Isolation room and New Arrivals room. I dealt with all the back room fish stuff, switching out filters, medicating and such. I also did the crickets. The only things I didn't get done was pulling "sleeper" fish and feeding the fish.

All in all, a good start for my getting back. Feels good. My shoulder was sore and my arm was tired, but I didn't stress it. It's just going to take a while to toughen it up - SLOWLY! No overdoing it, or Nancy'll have my head!

After work I did very little... gave my shoulder a chance to recover. All I did was some beading and relaxing in the afternoon.

Wednesday after work I went up to Mom's to visit with her... I helped her sort through and throw away some things in preparation for her to move in with us. My shoulder was quite sore from 2 days at work, so I didn't over do it!! The missing part for the headboard came in the mail, so we finished putting it together! YAY!!

This morning I didn't work, but I did have physical therapy. When I got back home I cleaned up and organized the new media room a bit.



Looks much better, huh?

The bureau's will be moved into the dressing room and a table and chairs will come up here also. this room will be painted - last.

This afternoon I plan on starting to sand my textured walls in the bathroom this afternoon. I'll also work a bit in the studio, packing things up and sorting. I'm trying to have a pile ready and waiting at the foot of the stairs each time we go up, so it won't be so overwhelming all at once getting the entire studio moved upstairs.

I work Friday, Saturday and Sunday to finish out the week.

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Thanks!! Connie


Nancy said...

It looks great from here! HOWEVER, I believe I told you NOT to move furniture around! You do not mind well...

Connie (The Purple Princess) said...

I pushed withmy knees and body. No shoulders were involved!! *smile*