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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Cactii, sun and far away places *sigh*

Originally uploaded by connie_clays
Just a quick little eye candy of the Phoenix landscape. This was taken a couple years ago at the desert museum.

Nancy and her favorite kind of cactus.

BTW? It's 64°F, and damp here at home today. BRRRR! Supposed to be in the 90°'s by Sunday!

Crazy freakin' weather!!

On a different note, I worked on the trim in the dressing room for a short time yesterday afternoon.

Today I had an appointment with my surgeon and he essentially let me out of the noose (sling). He threw away the pillow part and said I had to wear the sling part only when in public or doing things that I shouldn't be using my arm for - to remind me to NOT use it! *smile*

I'm a wee bit achy today because of the dampness and I've decided to putz around this afternoon, I did dishes, took the dogs out - many times, finished stringing a couple necklaces, took a few pictures, dragged a basket of clothes downstairs and did a load of laundry, but Nancy'll have to bring them up and hang them out.

Tomorrow is groceries in the AM and then a trip out to the motorcycle place in Lewiston for a new half helmet for me.


Nancy said...

Look at that BLUE sky! Bring on the 300 days of sunshine and wide open blue skay. It's not coming quick enough...
Actually, that picture was taken in Tucson, which is primarily where those are located. It was an incredible sight seeing them dotted along the landscape of the mountains and hills. Very cool.

Connie (The Purple Princess) said...

Tucson!! YES! You are right again, sweetmeat!

It's a Saguaro cactus!