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Monday, June 30, 2008


of food and fingers!

This is a quick, easy and YUMMY supper dish I made yesterday! It's simply a layer of frozen cheese ravioli and some frozen meatballs, in this case they are turkey balls! Then I chopped up a Vidalia onion and an orange pepper, then poured over the top a jar of Hannaford brand basil and garlic tomato sauce and sprinkled some salt, pepper and chopped parsley and mozzarella on top. I baked it at 400° for about 20 minutes, or until golden brown and delish!

YUM!!! As you can see by the pic, it's over half gone!!

Saturday at work, I got bit by a rat. A pet rat that was a customer return because it was aggressive. I think the kids terrorized the poor thing!

I'd dealt with feeding and cleaning the rats habitat in the isolation room all week with no problems from the rat, until Saturday morning!

I reached in to get the food dish and BAM! it streaked over to my hand and muckled right onto my finger and wouldn't let go! Yeouch!! I reported it to my supervisor and ended up going to the ER. I got back to work about an hour and a half later... started completing the morning opening tasks, and I realized my finger was swelling, QUICKLY!! It was hurting quite a bit also! So back to the ER I went and was there until 3:30!! WOW! For a small community as this one is to have an ER that's THAT backed up on a Saturday, can we say: "More quick care medical facilities are needed!!??


NOT my idea of a FUN Saturday!

It's not infected, but the ER doc was mystified as to why it was swelling up so rapidly! He gave me a weeks worth of Amoxicillan and a few pain killers, gave me a sling to keep the hand elevated above my heart, and gave me a note for no work on Sunday and light duty the next couple of days.

So... the pain has gone away and most of the swelling too. This is a good thing.

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Thanks!! Connie

1 comment:

Sh@ney said...

Wow Connie.
I have never really seen a rat. Just feild mice. But I imagine the bite would have had a bit of pressure behind it. Those little teeth look quite piercing!

I hope you don't have any issues with the bite. Can they pass anything on through contact like that?

I would be concerned.