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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Very exciting morning, boring afternoon.

My morning today turned very exciting last evening when Nancy got a phone call telling her the new windows had come in and they'd be here to install them at 9AM - this morning - today - the day after I drove to and back home from Canada - 8 and a half hours - with only having been 3 and a half weeks out from surgery. You know? The day I was going to spend it on ice most of the day - recovering.... ow!


Not so!

I have workmen coming to the house! That means not only is furniture moving, cleaning, room dismantling and reassembling the downstairs double living rooms, but Dilly's crate, her "room" has to go upstairs and she shut into it so she doesn't take a guys leg off has to happen too!!!

Nancy did most of the moving (kisses to you, sweetmeat!) and such this morning before she left for work, but I ran the vacuum and dusted and put things away as best as I could after they were done.

They did a great job, by the way... I was so much more impressed with these two guys than I was the idiots who installed the new furnace when we first moved in!!

Those guys where baaaad! Ew!

This afternoon has been VERY low key spent with many acetaminophens and an ice pack.



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