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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ice out update and shoulder surgery - again! 4/16/08

Mount P???   4-16-08

This is what's left of Mount P??!!

More like an ant hill!  4-16-08

Errr.... yeah but, it's more like P's Ant Hill!!!

The back deck with whats left of Mt P.  4-16-08

Here's the shot of the deck from the top of the yard.

last little bit by the fence  4-16-08

What's left of the snow over by the fence. Nero walked over this fence one day and escaped the yard!! We had THAT MUCH snow! Shewt!

LOOK!! A clean ready to be planted flower garden!  4-16-08
Wow! Is that a spring clean flower garden!??

Next week this time I'll be having shoulder surgery on my left shoulder! Yes, you read that right! ANOTHER shoulder surgery! Well, I do have two shoulders, and I suspect that my left shoulder got jealous of my right! I can only hope that this surgery is NOT as complex as my surgery on my right shoulder was! I hope I'll only be out of work 3 weeks. $ will be tight. We certainly have begun to rely on my paycheck! Feels good.

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