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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ice out update - 4-11-08

Here we go again! What a difference a week makes!! WOW! We had some really NICE days this week! In fact we even went over and took "The Girls" out of storage yesterday!! It was soooooooo nice to be on the bikes again! I'm soooo glad this winter is done - "D"- "U"-"N" as Natalie on Big Brother would say! LOL!

The Mountain!??? Ha! Mole hill now! 4-11-08

Any how, here's whats left of The Mount.

last lil' bit by the fence 4-11-08

... and the back yard south westerly facing fence.

Dilly - where'd da snow go?? 4-11-08

Dilly is looking bewildered about the missing snow.

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