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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The box in Wisconsin!


This is what Liz had to say about the box on August 23rd.

Ok, Here's the pictures of what I put in and what I took out. It doesn't look like I took a lot out, but I really did. Everything I took was in small bags, so it doesn't look like a big bunch of stuff.

It was fun going through the box. I wish I had a need for buttons or knew someone who sewed or knitted; there are some cool buttons in the box.

Putting things in the box was good practice for getting organized in the near future (ah right, roll eyes). I gathered up things that I have been meaning to use as well as things that I use but have too many of. The screw eyes are something I use, but geez, I had to order a gross of each finish. I don't need that many so I hope someone else can put them to good use. Same with the leather cord. I had to buy a whole spool which is more than I can use in a year.

I haven't opened up the book I put in for two years, so in it went. BTW, that book is out of print. The 3 Fossil tins are from the dumpster at work. For some strange reason they were unpacking the Fossil watches and throwing away the tins. I couldn't stand to see perfectly good containers going in the trash, so I brought them home with me. Now three years later I decided I really should part with some of them. I haven't done a thing with them in the 3 years they have been stored in the linen closet.

I hope these pics are going to be ok. I set the camera for the lowest resolution thinking the pics have to be small. Now that I've mailed the box I'm thinking maybe I should have used a slightly higher resolution. Too late...the box is half way to Michigan now.




Claudia in Michigan is up next!

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