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Friday, June 18, 2010

2nd Polymer Clay Central Trash to Treasure Swap Box!

The second T2T swap is officially underway!!
First leg? It's on it's way from Maine to Texas!
I'll post about the swap here on my blog and on the PCC message boards! ('s
It's gonna be fun!!
We will be using a medium flat rate priority box in the USA. (Obviously, those shipping around Europe, etc. won't be) The med. flat rate box costs $10.35. So please set aside the money so you are ready to go when it's your turn.
1) Please take no more than 25 items from the box. We want it to be fair to everyone else that comes later down the list and it keeps a nice variety building up. You need to put back in the box at least as much as you took out.

2) If you have a few beads or stuff that is meant to be a set. Put them together in a bag and mark it "counts as 1 item". Please make sure you also put your name on your items so we know who added it to the box. :)
3) If you see a name on the list that you want to send a specific item to just put that persons name on that item so they know it's meant for them.
4) You can include items other than pieces made of clay. If it can be used with clay, on clay, around clay, it's fair game. Canes, tools, supplies, magazines, all are acceptable to be added to the box.
5) The mailing list will be included in the box. (I will also have a copy) Please mail the box to the name just under yours and check it off, the box must have a confirmation number. Everyone please keep us informed, by posting on the PCC message boards as to the arrival and shipping of the box, also post the confirmation number. That way we know where the package is at all times.
6) Please try very hard to mail the box 2 days after you get it. Or this could be a very long swap. If something comes up that makes this impossible, please just let me know right away.

Watch this map to see where the box is!

Click the pic to make it bigger!

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