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Monday, February 08, 2010

UPDATE!! Polymer Clay Bug Swap UPDATE!!

Hi potential bug swappers!!
Seems folks are concerned about the postage costs I've set forth the swap. So, in the interest of getting this swap underway I've changed a few things. New Bug size limits and postage costs.
This year the deadline for sign up is  Sunday February 28th.

ALL participants must email me their contact information from a valid email address. No one will be placed on the swap list without emailing me this information first!
My email address:

Information from you that I'll need:
Full name:
Full postal address:
Valid email address: (email me from this address)
Phone number:
Number of groups of six you want to join:

In return, I will email you back my contact information, including my phone number.

I absolutely need ALL of this information from each swap member. Swaps are meant to be fun, however recently there has been a "rash" of troubled swaps out there. Bad swap issues have included folks not staying in contact with the hostess, the hostess herself "falling off the edge of the planet", items being lost in the mail, incorrect postal amounts being sent, etc, etc...

The details of the swap are as follows:

For those living in the continental USA, you'll be identified as GROUP A:
The deadline for your completed buggy groups is Friday April 30, 2009.

For those in Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Mexico and overseas locations, you'll be identified as GROUP B:
The deadline for your completed buggy groups is Friday April 16, 2009.

I will do my utmost best to photograph, swap out and mail the bugs back to you all by May 15th. I WILL keep you all posted.
The 2010 Polymer Clay Bug Swap will consist of groups of six (6). What this means is you will make and send out to me 6 bugs. Your bugs must be made primarily of polymer clay, but feel free to use any mixed media to dress up your bugs. They do not have to be realistic! Let your imagination run wild!
The down and dirty basics are:
  • Sign up deadline: Feb 28th
  • Group A postmark deadline: April 30
  • Group B postmark deadline: April 16
  • Each bug MUST fit inside a 3X3 inch square. NO larger! It also needs to be no smaller that a 2X2 inch square! You will receive back 5 different bugs plus one of your own.
  • Group A: Package each bug individually in a zipper plastic bag along with your business card or a slip of paper with your name and email address.
  • Package your groups in a flat rate priority mail box 
  • Each box gets a confirmation number
  • Include return postage 
  • Group B: discuss w/ me mailing options

Those in GROUP A will carefully package your groups up in a FLAT RATE PRIORITY MAIL box. You will also include as much return postage you paid to ship it to me! Alternatively you can PayPal me the return postage. When mailing,  you must also request a package confirmation number and let me know what that number is.
You may sign up for and make as many groups as you like! 

Those in GROUP B will contact me personally about how to ship your packages, various countries have different shipping options to the US and we can discuss those.

Lets have a GREAT swap!!
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