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Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Gratitude's


  1. Free stuff at the brand new GREEN grocery store
  2. Nancy’s 30th HS reunion – fun, but buggy!!
  3. Breakfast with GOOD friends and live jazz music in the background
  4. Nancy snoring in her chair during a mid morning nap
  5. Picnic at the Bicentennial Park here in town, DESPITE the rain and gloom
  6. Nero seeing a pond for the first time and walking off the dock and being SHOCKED at walking off the edge of the dock and into the water! LOL
  7. Nero continuing to jump into the water! Too cute!
  8. A bottle falling into the water and Nancy having to get wet up to her ear to rescue it! HA!
  9. Bog Dog and Bog GF – stinky and wet in the car! LOL
  10. Eating our picnic lunch in the car due to bugs and rain! Yum!
  11. Roast Pork simmering in the crock pot all day – Yummy smells
  12. MOUSSING Nero’s head and ears after he and Nancy had a shower! Fun!
  13. Chilaxin’ in front of the tube for the evening!

G R E A T   W e e k e n d  !!!

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