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Friday, April 10, 2009

Cool Spring Bugs!

Yesterday I spent the morning and afternoon chasing the sun around the outside of my house so I could get good pictures of all the groups of bugs I have in this years swap! 42 groups in all!! I’d grabbed a few hours of sun Sunday morning and then it was dark and dreary for the rest of the week! So, yesterday was my first opportunity to get it done!

Spring in Maine!! Don’t we love it!?

Actually, we do! We LIVE for days like yesterday! Warm sun! Warm enough so that you could stay outside and work on something for more than 2 minutes without freezing some important body part off! Yes, I started my morning off on the front porch, in front of the house so I was getting a wind block. It was nice and sunny but quite windy! Wind does NOT make for good polymer – clay - bug picture taking! They may have wings, many of these bugs, but they only fly in our imagination! The wind does nasty things to cute little defenseless polyclay bugs! Blowing and crashing them about! Not pretty!

So, the first pic is of my morning escapades and then after lunch while I was in the driveway! I needed a wind block in both locations!

Really, it really was a nice day here in Maine… really it was.


Nero helping me take buggy pics!

My set up at the back door, by the garage, which was my windbreak here in the afternoon!

Pauline made the most adorable bugs! She apparently has had a rough few weeks of late, as she explains on the little note she enclosed in each little buggy baggie! As I was reading this note that spoke of her inspiration for her work in this swap and the "craziness" of her life of late, I glanced over into the box she sent her bugs to me in and there I spied my hostess gift from Pauline!*squeal!*

Oh, Pauline!

I LOVE it! It’s just what I needed!

Packing tape for the swap hostess!

I have all these buggies that need to be packaged and taped up for shipping!

Thanks so much!


It’s just what I needed as the hostess!


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