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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Bugs and Puppets Mania!!

Spring Chick Puppet It seems I’ve certainly been bitten by the bugs this early spring!!

As you know, I’m hosting the Spring Bug Swap again this year, so my house has been infested with bugs! Polymer clay bugs that is! What a gorgeous batch of bugs this year!! Wow!! Beautiful stuff ladies and gent! This year we had swappers from all over the United States, one from Canada and one from Belgium, too! We mostly had women swappers this year, but we also had a gentleman join us this time around! He certainly stepped right up to the plate! GORGEOUS work!


Oh my goddess! Every day I gathered the mail and when bug boxes where on the porch it Miss Mary Alicewas like opening gifts on your birthday!! So much talent, imagery, fun and pure genius coming out of every box!! I can’t wait to get to finished taking pictures of them all and posting for you all to see too!! These are some of the best bugs I’ve seen in a long time! Congrats to all my swappers this year!! Job well done!!

I hope to get enough time to take pictures of all the groups later in the week, when the weather report is much more cooperative! I did get a few hours of sun Sunday morning and got a chunk taken out of my stack of boxes! 42 groups this year!

Carpenter Ants I’ve also been bitten by the puppet making bug. I started making art doll puppets last December and haven’t been able to stop yet! I love it! I made an art doll/ puppet wind chime for a friend, then I made two hand puppets for some more friends and I’ve been working on a marionette lately!

I had the web cam on a number of times last week while I was working on the marionette and it was fun! Thanks to those of you who watched!

Check out the little “I’m on line” yahoo messenger guy over there on the left of this blog.. if he’s awake, I’m in the studio and I’m broadcasting! Come watch!

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