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Friday, February 27, 2009

So, rumors of my demise have been much exaggerated...

I had big plans for work while laid up from my surgery. *sigh* What's that they say about the best laid plans??

Everything went fine with the exception of pain management. At the hospital and here at home. I have to say though, today I'm finally feeling somewhat human again. I know, I know, I'm NOT going to overdo. I promise to be good. I hope I can sit up in my studio for a while this weekend though. I have 12 bugs on my work table waiting patiently for their legs!!

Yes, if you were wondering if that big bluish, purply-ish, pinky blob over there on the left is my leg, you would be right. LOT'S of bruising!! Remember that animation I posted about them opening up the leg, moving muscle and tendon, cutting bone, hammering and gluing the new portion in??? I have felt the results of all it this week!!

I can already tell though, it was worth it!!! Nancy might disagree with me at this point, because she is the one who worries and has to deal with the stress of my pain, and she doesn't do that well, but she is such a trouper!! I love her so!

I'll get back to work in my studio again soon enough, for now it's naps with my lil' black doggie Nero and my old man kitty Henry, my cryo/cuf (ice) and HGTV in the background... oh, and the laptop on the pillow next to me! Techy geek that I am!

Oh! Speaking of tech!!! Great news! My new lappy is being made, just for me, as we speak!! It's a Pink Dell Inspiron 1525 with an expected delivery of March 11!!

Thanks Mom!!!

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Nancy said...

Now, the rest of the story. You are a Beotch and very, very difficult...not a "good" patient! At times you have helped me be more patient and at times zapped every ounce of my patience! Oh, did I mention my plate is overflowing? XXO