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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Studio Redo

This is my studio redo. After Mom moved in with us my studio was moved upstairs, to the room it was in originally. The small one in the front, south east corner. It's really a cozy little room. I like working in it!! Finding time to spend in it isn't really difficult either. I seem to find at least one day a week to really work in there. Right now, that's a good thing. I just found out a couple weeks ago that I have to have knee replacement surgery. During that recovery I'll have lots of time to work in there! It'll be different from both my shoulder surgeries, I'll be able to use my hands and arms! I'll be able to clay and bead and sew and crochet!! YAY! I couldn't do much if any of these things I adore for almost 2 years while I recuperated from TWO shoulder surgeries!!!! Ak!

Anyway, this is the entrance.

The other side of the door. Behind which is a bookcase housing all my magazines and books.

This is the main work station. To the left is the precious metal clay area and to the right is my polymer clay station. The cubbies to the right of the leather chair hold all sorts of non jewelry findings, stamps, texture sheets, clay, etc...

A small storage are in front of the window. My extruder, heat gun, food processor, textures, inclusions (metal foils, embossing powders, etc) live here.

Here is a shot of all the hand tools. (exacto blades, sculpting tools, scissors etc...)

Here's my storage/ wire working area. On top is my light box/ photographing supplies, television, VCR, etc. Nero's bed is on the floor in front of this cabinet.

Here's where three of my studio mascots live. Bob the beta fish and Harriet and Hermione hermit crab. *smile* Below is my fabric and yarn stash.

Sewing station to the left, beading station to the right.

Studio Mascots. Bob, Harriet & Hermione, and Nero on his bed.

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