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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Upon Moving Mom in with us....

We've had an extremely busy summer! As you know we have been busy painting rooms and rearranging the entire house. This operation has two desired end results:
  1. Prepping this big ol' house in anticipation of the economy turning back around. Once the whole political thang is over and 'we' as a country come to our senses and boot out the current administration and "hopefully" get some real change happening in Washington! We SIMPLY can not endure another 4 years (with the very real potential of eight years) of the same ol' idiocy that has reigned with the republicans!! AKK!! Our personal plan?? Make this old house as shiny and inviting as is physically possible for two ol' Lesbians to do, so when we do sell, we will squeeze as many pennies out of the equity in this place as is possible. This house, after all, is what will be financing our pending move to the southwest! *dance, dance*
  2. Mom was declining in both her physical health and mental state. It was time for her to move in with us. She has developed emphysema and gets VERY short of breath at the least little physical excursion. She is legally blind, has been her entire life. She does well with what she can see - however her right eye is basically useless and her left one is bad as well - she also has no depth perception, so walking on uneven surfaces is not really an option. Her knees are shot, too. Stairs are very difficult. She has never had to take any prescriptions until the whole emphysema thing happened and then she immediately got confused as to when what and how she was to deal with a couple pills and some inhalers! It was time... I was stressed out about her being alone in her apartment, I was stressed about her being a half hour car ride away should something immediate occur on her end, I was just stressed.
Mom & Aunt Vivian
I have always known that at one point in my life my Mom would be living with me full time. In fact it was told to me over and over that it was and would continue to be my job to watch over my Mom.

Different folks have commented to me about her living us. 'A relationship killer!', 'A sure fire disaster just waiting to happen!' - these are just two things folks have blurted out to me upon my telling them that we were moving my mother in with us.

I know it won't be easy. Mom knows and goodness sake Nancy certainly knows! We are 3 grown women, two menopausal and one elderly. We all have opinions and needs and wants, in other words, we are 3 strong vocal women. The potential for disaster is there, but I have faith in us, as a couple and as a family.

It'll take compromise and gentleness as well as lots of love. I love my Mom and I love Nancy more than anyone knows. She is so special to me and I know this is the woman who will be with me for the rest of my life. Our golden years. Nancy has known since we started dating that me and Mom were a package deal. She took that on and has run with it! Completely changing our lives and our home we have worked hard this summer! She is a trouper and must really love me for doing all this work to the house and moving Mom in!

I am simply struck dumb sometimes at how lucky I am to have found her. *gulp*

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