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Monday, June 23, 2008

New rooms update

We worked on some more final adjustments to our new bedroom this weekend.

"D" came over on Saturday while I was at work and helped Nancy move some furniture around. She also helped Nancy/ Nancy watched and paced (ha!) while "D" installed the new lighting in the soon-to-be-new media room (our old bedroom) and the dressing room adjacent to our new bedroom. They took out those broken down f 'ugly old fans that were there originally! YAY!!

Here's our dreamy, fluffy, cuddly new bedding and the chocolate brown drapes... still have to finish building the headboard (It was missing a small but necessary piece! We're waiting on it to arrive in the mail!) and then we'll hang a few pictures. Once it's all set up I'll post more pics, of course!!

Henry has made himself at home on my side of the bed.

On Sunday morning, Nancy decided that the crown molding in the dressing room needed to be cut in again, and the trim needed some touch ups ... Oops! I must have been more wobbly than I thought I was last week! Either that or she was way more anal about straight lines than I was!! LOL!!

While she was painting, I finished up clearing the floor in my new studio, the hallway and the dressing room. Then I ran the Dyson around those spaces. After that, I went along behind Nancy as she ran the Kirby carpet shampooer. It was my job to spot check and treat before she got there and to scrub out stubborn spots after she left that area.

In the dressing room looking in to the bedroom.


Dressing room looking in to our old bedroom.

*sniff, sniff!!*

Smell that clean rug!!! Yummy!

And this is the messy room that will remain so until the downstairs is done! This will be our new media room - when it's painted out and set up. (After we get the downstairs bathroom and double living rooms finished!)

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