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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Recently on Drew Street.

It's been a busy past few days...

Nancy took this week off so we can work on fixing this place up.

The master plan is to move our bedroom into the room Patty used as her bedroom (she moved back to Portland last fall to be closer to family again) we'll keep the middle room as our "dressing room" - there's no closets to speak of in this house so we have had to use one of the rooms upstairs as a closet, it houses our dressers and my vanity.

My studio will be moved back upstairs, into the small front room (that I had it in when we first moved into this house) and the big electrical things - my kiln and buffer and tumbler - will go down in the cellar. We had the electrical updated on the first floor and cellar, so those "big things" will be down where the electricity can handle them.

Our old bedroom will become a new living room with a small area to the side that'll have a table and such set up for when we have poker and cribbage night.

Then, the living room downstairs and my "old" studio will be open for Mom's stuff. Yep, you read that right. My mother's stuff. It's time. I'm very concerned about her living alone. She is legally blind and she has fallen a couple of times. Also she just can't see well enough to do little things that, to a fully sighted person, is nothing, like plugging a lamp in that has become unplugged for whatever reason, changing the batteries in her remote, and any other of the 100's of reasons I have to drive up to her place (a 2o minute ride!) to rescue her from one thing or another!

We'll set up her living room in the front room and her bedroom in my old studio. We'll still eat in the dining room and I'll do the cooking, as always. She goes to bed pretty early so we'll have the upstairs living room for ourselves.

So, the painting involves our new bedroom, the dressing room, the new upstairs living room and we'll also paint the downstairs living room. I'm still working on the downstairs bathroom and at some point we'll do something with the kitchen too. This "master plan" is in preparation for the market to turn... fixing the house up while waiting for the pendulum to swing back. *g* Because, after the economy gets "righted" we will sell this place and move to the Southwest! YAY!

So, Friday Nancy took as a vacation day too. We did some errands and grocery shopped, that evening "D" came over and played cribbage.

Saturday Nancy worked on the new bedroom, taping, cutting in, rolling the walls etc...
P1010593 P1010595
In the afternoon I went back to work for the first time since my surgery! YAY! I worked from 10AM to 2PM. It was fine, I just straightened aisles and did customer service. I go again next Saturday from 12 to 4PM.

Sunday morning I organized, weeded out and emptied the dressing room.
Nancy mowed the back yard.

Then in the afternoon we went for a motorcycle ride - 73 miles round trip! It was GORGEOUS!! The lilacs are in bloom everywhere and we sniffed deeply every time we went past a bunch!! YUM!!

Monday morning was spent doing some more yard work. These two bushes were transplanted (by Nancy) from the front to the driveway side of the house.

And these, the Bleeding Heart and -- I can't remember what it's called! AK!! -- Nancy moved into the bed across the front.

In the meantime, I finished planting my tomatoes in the bed right off the deck. Not an easy task with one arm! LOL!!

In the afternoon we got back to painting.

And today, Tuesday we finished up in the bedroom. Well, almost. I still have to go back and do the details of the crown molding and the windows, but I have a couple appointments as well as Mom's year and a half out check up at the cancer center and believe me, I NEED a rest! My shoulder hurts and needs a rest.

Here's Nancy's beautiful floor!

And a shot of the 3 colors... mocha walls, latte for the the trim, and dark chocolate pudding on the floor! See? The crown molding and details on the windows still needs finishing.. I'll get to that.
The dressing room will have these same colors except there's creamy gray carpeting on that floor as well as in the new living room.

To top today off, the roofers came! They worked all day and almost got everything done! It started raining right at the end of the day and they had to knock off early. This new roof will stop those nasty leaks we had last winter! Shewt!


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Kathi said...

wow gf, looks like you two are rockin and rollin on re-doing the house. I know having your mom there will ease your mind a lot! I am jealous of your lilac blossom filled ride. it is too hot here for them to bloom and I love their smell. Take it easy on that shoulder ya hear? you don't want to screw up what they just fixed.

Connie (The Purple Princess) said...

Thanks Kath! It is a big job, but we are having fun!

Hey! I'm in the process of burning stuff off the old big PC and would LOVE some input on what to do to wipe the hard drive. I have all the original software. Maybe we could do a conference call at some point?? *G*

Dara said...

Wow... you know, that beautiful pudding floor is just crying out for a stencil carpet... ;)

Yes, I am a troublemaker.

Seriously-gorgeous color choices. I can't wait until we can get rid of some of our Linen White (much as I love it as a white, it was never my intention to live in an all-white house).

Connie (The Purple Princess) said...

Oh no! Stencil carpet?? Hmmmmmmm *G*

Thanks! We really like the colors too!