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Friday, March 28, 2008


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When will Ice Out occur on our back deck??

These shots where taken on Saturday March 22, 2008. In Augusta, ME.

"Ice Out" is when all remnants of our snow and ice mountain are gone off our westerly facing deck in Augusta, Maine, it can still be wet, but all snow and ice must be gone. The deck is 12ft. X 12ft. Take into account that the dogs will be walking on "the mountain" and there is still some snow on the two intersecting roofs above the deck which might slide off and contribute, or it might just stay on the roofs and melt there..

PayPal us your guess amount ($5.00 per guess) with date of ICE OUT, Name of bidder and address to connies dot clay dot creations @ gmail dot com

Those of you living near us can just give your $$ to us in person.

* 50% of the entire amount collected goes to whomever guesses the CLOSEST date, either before or after the actual ice out date. (the winner)
* 50% of the entire amount collected will be donated, by us to the Autism Society of Maine.

Have fun everyone!

We'll take guesses until April 1st 2008.

Check back to the flikr picture list for a list of chosen dates.
Connie & Nancy

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