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Thursday, January 17, 2008

And now for something totally different...

Yesterday I had my appointment to have my spinal epidural injection in my lower spinal column, 3rd injection in 8 months, second in this location. I have had tremendous success with these shots, however they kind of lay me up for a couple days. The relief I have for months afterward is worth it though!

So yesterday I worked in the AM and then went for the procedure, didn't sleep well (restless) and have a pretty significant headache today. Hopefully that will settle down later today and I can get back into the studio again, I have to reduce the cane I made earlier and work more on my multi media beads (PC and PMC) and I'd like to begin my plaid cane. I joined a cane swap hosted by Linda Weeks over on Polymer Clay Central and need to make eight geometric canes for it.

We are counting down to our to Key West trip! YAY!

I plan on doing some much needed recharging and shopping in as many bead and funky touristy places I can find. Then, after coming home, I need to really get back into the swing of things creatively. I have a few crochet bags that need liners, two other half made sew only bags, a commission on one of those badge holders thingy's, more swap canes, and a bunch of finishing work on my various and eclectic jewelry elements I've seemingly forever been working on and I think I'm going host the Bug Swap again this year.

And now, as promised,

something totally different....



~ Life's too short to use cheap beads! ~

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