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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Finished The Studio!!

Today I finished setting up my new studio!!

In light of getting the funding for my business from Voc rehab, we decided that my studio needed to be downstairs, where there is no carpeting on the floors. (Kilns and ovens and heat guns do not mix well with carpeting!) So, we moved the dining room into what we called the dogs room/ computer room and moved my stuff into the old dining room downstairs. The PC went upstairs and we expanded our clothing into that middle room, because there are no closets in this 100 plus year old house!

My studio is now in one room all by itself... poly clay area, beading station, PMC area, sewing area, oven and kiln area, wire working station, buffing, tumbling, sanding area, cloth, yarn, felt, books, magazines and clay storage. Shewt! It's simply amazing!! I love it!!

I'm still waiting on my PMC kit, as soon as it arrives, I'll post pictures of the new studio!

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