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Saturday, September 22, 2007

School days

Today was the first day of my Precious Metal Clay workshop, taught by Jason Morrissey at Maine College of Art in Portland.

Can I just say how MUCH I miss Portland!!?? Blah!

At any rate - I AM IN LOVE!!!

I took an Art Clay Silver class on the Polymer Clay Cruise I went on last winter and liked it - but the teacher kind of lacked a bit of, well, shall we say personality?? Not that Jason is a font of enthusiastic bliss - he's very laid back. Which is a good thing. *G* I'm learning a lot - today I made leaf earrings with slip and a hollow dry formed lentil with sea shell texture. VERY cool!!

Tomorrow we do rings and bead forms.

I'm loving the PMC BTW, and can not wait until I get my own stash, kiln and double barrel tumbler. YAY! Funding should come through next week and then I can place my order!

*sigh* Long day - tired - bed calls.

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